San Nicolas De Tolentino Parish PDF Print E-mail

24 Neptune street,

Congressional Subdivision

P.O. Box 1127

1100 Quezon City

Tel: (02)928-53-36

Year Foundation: 1970

Establishment as a Parish: May 11, 1975

Patron: San Nicolas de Tolentino

Feastday: September 10


Consitent with the missionary charism of its founders, the Order of Augustinian Recollects constructed a church in Quezon City to address the pressing pastoral needs of the place. Named after the patron of the Recollect province which embraces the Philippines, the parish of San Nicolas de Tolentino helps in propagating devotion to the saint as patron of the souls in purgatory. Today the parish has a complex organizational network which caters to various forms of pastoral commitment.


Quezon City


1975, May 11 – Foundation of the parish named after the patron saint of the Province.


1989, August 12 – Intensification of lay apostolate especially on Lay leaders of Christian Family Movement, the Legion of Mary and the

Parish Renewal Experience (PREX).


1993, March 21 – Fr. German Chicote laid the cornerstone while Fr. Pauligue blessed the new site of a three-storey Parish Formation Center building.


1994, May -        Blessing of the Parish Formation Center, by Bishop Ramon Arguelles.


1997                 The back portion of the parish church with a ground area of 332 sq. m. was utilized to be the location of a vicarial center.


1999                 Blessing of the St. Ezekiel Moreno Provincial Center, at the ground floor of which lies the brand new parish office.


2001, September 8 – Launching of the “Tulay para sa Kabataan Educational Foundation, Inc.


2005                       Blessing of the devotional garden where stands the statue of St. Nicolas of Tolentine.



Parish Priest


1975 Alejandro Remirez

1986 Jose Luis Dueñas

1989 Leonardo Pauligue

1996 Hermenegildo Ceniza

1997 Dionisio Selma

2000 Leonardo Pauligue

2003 Nicolas Salamanca

2005 Delfin Castillo

2009 to date Jose Fortunato Garces

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